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A Homeowner’s Guide to Different Residential Roofing Styles

A Homeowners Guide to Different Residential Roofing Styles. Choosing the right style for your roof can make a world of difference in terms of energy efficiency, outlook, and overall comfort levels inside your Shawnee, OK home. Whether your roofing shingles have started to deteriorate due to aging or your roof has experienced storm damage, the style and material you choose must be able to withstand tough weather, provide good aesthetic appeal, and most importantly, protects your family from the harsh weather conditions. Here are some of the most sought-after residential roofing styles you can consider for your home:

A Homeowner’s Guide to Different Residential Roofing Styles
  • Gable Roofs – One of the oldest roofing styles, gable roofs consist of two slanting sides on both sides that connect at the highest point at a right angle, resulting in the formation of a ridge. Though this roofing style is quite simple, different countries in the world have successfully adapted this highly versatile roofing style to fit their local preferences and styles. It is a popular option in areas that experience heavy rainfall and snow, as the steep slope of these roofs can shed melted snow and rain more effectively than flat roofs. 
  • Hipped Roofs – Similar to the gable roofs, the hipped roofs have four slanting sides connecting at the highest point over the roof, at a right angle. This structure provides more stability due to even weight distribution. Therefore, it is more preferred in areas that experience constant heavy winds, storms, or tornadoes. 
  • Flat Roofs – These roofs are not entirely flat. They have a little pitch to allow water to drain during rains. This roofing style is not preferred in regions of frequent rain and snow. But, the major selling point for flat roofs is their exceptional longevity as flat roofs can easily last for more than 50 years. Furthermore, the flat roofs provide extra outdoor space for gathering or grilling purposes to the homeowners.  
  • Shed Roofs – They’re suitable for homes where the walls are of different heights. Their single plane angles downward. Due to their steep pitch, they allow an ample amount of sunlight to enter the homes. Also, shed roofs are symbolic of modern roofing architecture and are more commonly seen in urban environments. 
  • Gambrel Roof – These roofs are popularly called Barn roofs. A Gambrel roof consists of two sloping sides (a steep and a shallow slope). Due to their wooden shingles, this style is more reminiscent of colonial America. The steep lower slope offers a good amount of space to be converted to an attic or loft. 
  • Pyramid Roof – A form of a hipped roof, pyramid roof consists of four slopes meeting up at the highest point of the roof in a square or rectangular frame (resembling a pyramid). These roofs are a great option for garages, gazebos, and other shed-like structures in homes. This kind of roof is highly durable and can withstand strong winds, and tough weather conditions because of the even distribution of weight.  

In Conclusion:  

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