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Why You May Need a New Shingle Roof

Why you may need a new shingle roof could be many things. We will explore a few common roofing issues here today that affect many homes in Norman, and Shawnee OK. Usually, the level of damage roofs may present at a determined moment of their useful life surprise homeowners. Your shingles may look in good condition. However, just as it happens to the human body, your roof suffers an aging process.

Remind that your roof must resist every day the harsh effects of weather and sun. So, it is logical to expect changes in its appearance even only one year after its installation. For example, when cleaning the gutters, you may observe little cracks and blisters.

Have in mind that these are normal consequences of the exposition to weather, and you won’t see them from the ground. Thus, don’t be surprised. If your roof keeps free of leaks and maintains its integrity, you should not worry.

But, depending on the type of shingle, most severe conditions may appear. For example, a cracked three-tab shingle may point out a weakened reinforcement that could put at risk the roof’s waterproofing. Situations like this need immediate attention.

Your roof is one of the major investments you can do in your home. It protects your family and your most valuable possessions. There is no magic way to stop the aging progression of roofs. But performing regular inspections can avoid costly repairs. This way, you will extend your roofing system life.

Are you worried about your roof condition? So, contact Legend Roofs for a roof consultation at 405-352-7307. We gladly serve the Greater Cincinnati Area residents.

The Effect of Granule Loss and Exposed Asphalt

We already know that shingles may lose granules. However, when the number of granules lost is large, the asphalt will be exposed to ultraviolet sun rays. This situation will accelerate the shingles’ failure.

Besides, imagine that a hailstorm occurs, and it hits your roof with enough force to remove granules exposing a large roof area. Unavoidably, under conditions like these, your shingles’ lifespan will be significantly shorter than initially expected. Likewise, shingles with asphalt open to the elements are more prone to failure.

Some situations are out of the manufacturer’s reach and can diminish the shingles’ life. For instance, if you detect bare spots and cracks in some shingles, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your shingles are defective.

In these cases, you should check your coverage with your insurance provider.

In this sense, Legend Roofs upholds a Better business bureau A+ rating. Therefore, whether your asphalt roof requires repairs or an entire replacement, we can offer expert service. Besides, you can ask about the financing options available.

When building a roofing system, a roofer must keep the wind from ripping off shingles, keep moisture out, and release attic heat.

At Legend Roofs, we only use the best materials available to repair or replace asphalt roof. Our objective is that your roof lasts longer than ever. In Cincinnati, with only viewing our work, clients recognize the difference that makes our mastering of the roofing techniques.


Owens Corning is America’s #1 manufacturer of asphalt shingles. They have been awarded the highest honors of quality and trust. Roofing Annex provides special access to the best lifetime warranties since we are an Owens Corning Preferred roofing contractor. The complementary 50-year warranty is because we employ OC’s top-notch materials. Call Legend Roofs today at 405-352-7307.

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