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Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement

Do you think you might need a residential asphalt roof replacement for your Norman or Oklahoma City home? Your roof is your first line of protection from the elements, which is why it’s so important to replace your roof with a new one as soon as the signs of wear and tear start to show. It is a big part of the safety and structural integrity of your home. The process of a residential asphalt roof replacement can be a somewhat stressful one, but hiring the right local Norman Oklahoma roofer, and knowing what to expect and prepare well in advance, can make the entire process go quickly and smoothly. 

Here are a few residential asphalt roof replacement tips for communicating with your roofing contractor, as well as a pre-work checklist that can help you to minimize disruption before, during, and after the roof installation so you can make this a worry-free project for you and your contractor.

Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement: Proper Roof Install Techniques 

Buying a new roof can be a daunting task with all the different types and styles of roofs available in the market, not to mention the entire process of picking out new roofing material, getting it delivered, and having a professional install it. But when you work with Legend Roofs, you can rest assured that your new roof installation will run smoothly as we will keep your best interest in mind and provide a thorough, friendly service that leaves you feeling satisfied.

A new roof installation with Legend Roofs will start with the roofing material distributor delivering your new roof material. A Legend Roofs representative will oversee the material when delivered to ensure the distributor dropped the correct material.

The most important things to look for with any new roof installation service are the proper materials and installation methods. When we talk about proper installation, we refer to the following:

Tear off the old felt and inspect the deck for rotten wood.
The new roof installation begins with removing your old existing roof before installing new roofing membranes. This process can take as few as four hours or as much as a full day, depending on the size, pitch, and how many layers of shingles and felt the roofing crew runs into.

In Norman, Oklahoma City, and all of Oklahoma, it is an accepted practice to do a layover for a residential asphalt roof replacement. Layover uses roofers to describe an installation where shingles are placed directly over the existing shingles. However, it is frowned upon by most shingle manufacturers and is unacceptable for Legend Roofs. Removal of the old felt allows the roofing crew to inspect your roof’s deck for rotten wood thoroughly. Once the roof’s decking or sheathing is inspected, any rotten wood will be replaced with either oriented strand board commonly called OSB or CDX, depending on what roof decking product is on your roof.

  1. Install drip edge around the eve and rakes of the house.

A drip edge helps to preserve the beauty of your home’s exterior and protects fascia boards from rot by preventing water from dripping down the facia board.

  1. Install new synthetic felt. The felt should be over the drip edge at the eve of the house and under the drip edge up the rakes.

A new roof is a major investment. You want to make sure that you are using the highest quality materials on your new roof and that the installation is done by expert roofers.

Legend Roofs only uses the best products like synthetic felt to ensure that your roofing system will last for many years. Synthetic felt has been around for a few years now and is a superior product to the old asphalt felt paper that has always been used in the past. Top roofing companies like Legend Roofs only use the best products like this. It gives a far superior performance in quality and strength that’s completely different from the common asphalt-based felt paper that everyone else uses.

  1. In a proper roof install, you should always use a new starter course shingle. A roofing starter shingle has adhesive to make the eve of the home more secure from wind damage and water damage from rain. When a poor roofer installs a three-tab as a starter shingle, there is no adhesive protection for the eve of the home.

Many times, when roofers come in with a lower bid for your new roof, they are cutting corners on the material, installation and do not have a workmanship warranty that they intend on honoring. You will see roofing companies turn a three-tab shingle backward in a new roof installation and use that as a starter shingle. This is a practice only bad roofing companies will use. It is important to use a strong, properly installed starter shingle to protect the very vulnerable area of your home, the eave. In Norman, Shawnee, and Oklahoma City areas of Oklahoma, we get high winds often; this does not even consider the possibility of severe springtime storms. The eave of the house is the most vulnerable in high winds. A proper starter shingle like the Owens Corning starter will make a great protective barrier to your home. A three-tab turned backward does not have the adhesive strip to make a thermal seal and protect your eve and roof.

  1. After the drip edge and felt in installed, it is time for the ice and water shield. Good roof installations will always include ice and water shield. Ice and water shield should be installed in all roof valleys, around chimneys, and around all penetration points like roofing pipe jacks and wind turbines, commonly called whirlybirds. The ice and water should always be applied directly to the bare deck. The felt should be cut out at the valleys to ensure the ice and water is applied properly to the sheathing.

Owens Corning has a product called WeatherLock. This is the ice and water protection for the most vulnerable areas of your roof, the valleys, and around penetrations.

  1. Next, the shingles should be installed. The proper way for a lifetime shingle to be installed is in a course. You never want to allow your roofer to rack your lifetime shingles. Depending on the shingle and wind load area of the installation, most shingles require six nails per shingle. In tornado-prone areas like Oklahoma, six nails are required. You want to make sure your roofer is placing the nails in the nail line of the shingle, or there will be no strength for the shingles to stay adhered to the roof deck over time. At Legend Roofs, we follow the roof installation guidelines of Owens Corning. Owens Corning recommends a six-nail pattern, and that is how we do it at Legend Roofs.

At Legend Roofs, a new residential asphalt roof replacement includes a limited lifetime shingle by Owens Corning. Owens Corning has nearly a 100-year history manufacturing shingles and has one of the heaviest per pound shingles and most variety of colors in class.

  1. After the shingles are installed, it is time for the hip and ridge shingles to be installed. The best hip and ridge shingle is always a true hip & ridge. A three-tab shingle is what most roofing companies install and don’t even inform the client of the difference. A three-tab shingle is not made to bend; it is made to lie flat on the roof deck as a cheaper alternative to a lifetime shingle, not to cover your hip and ridge.
  2. After the hip and ridge shingles are installed, it’s time for the ridge vent to be installed. Make sure your roofing crew cuts out the ridge area and does not cover it with the felt. After the ridge vent is installed, the ridge vent will be covered with the hip and ridge shingles.

During the new roof installation, one commonly overlooked area is the roof ventilation. There is nothing worse than spending a good amount of money to cook your shingles, not much different from in an oven by not having proper roof ventilation. Legend Roofs uses the 12” Owens Corning ridge vent on the peak of your home. The Owens Corning ridge vent works well year-round and is wind-driven rain resistant to 100 MPH.

12″ Owens Corning Ridge Vent

  1. After the hip and ridge are complete, it’s time to paint any roofing hardware that did not come pre-painted. Normal roofing accessories that may not come painted are, pipe jacks, 750s or turtle vents, wind turbines, and flashings if you would like those painted.
  • Proper cleanup is the final step in ensuring that you will have a long-lasting roof. The crew should take care to remove all roofing nails from flower beds, driveways, and patios.

These are some good guidelines for you to watch as your new roof is installed. Make sure to talk to your roofing consultant about every part of the process. A top roofing company will be proud of the way they install your roof. Only poor roofers hide their installation process and do not want you to see it nor do they like questions about how they roof. Legend Roofs welcomes questions and loves to show and talk about the proper way to install a new roof.


New Year, New Roof  

Several people have begun making plans for their 2022 goals, ranging from health and wellness plans to home improvements. While some projects can be completed easily, others—like a roof replacement—require more planning and time. Our role is to help you with that.

The process of replacing your roof is no small task, which is why we suggest homeowners make an informed decision before beginning the project. The Legend Blog provides homeowners with helpful information about varied topics related to roofs. In some of our recent blogs, we answer questions about replacing a roof – including what to expect from an inspection and how to proceed with a re-roof. As a result, we offer our customers several financing options because we realize that a new roof is an investment in their home.

Because we care about our customers, their families, and their homes, we’ve worked to exceed expectations with quality work and dependable service.

If you feel it’s time for a new roof call Legend Roofs today!.

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Tips for Communicating with Your Roof Contractor  

Before the installation of your new roof begins, be sure to ask your roofing contractor the following questions. These will help you know what to expect during the installation process and ensure that all your concerns are addressed.

1. When Will the Shingles Arrive?

Shingles are typically delivered from a few days before the start-up to the day of a new roof installation project. Talk to your roofing representative and let him know your situation. We will work with you to make sure you have plenty of time to safely place and store all the roofing materials needed for both your new roof project and as well to make sure your new roof installation is conflict-free from factors such as neighborhood bylaws or just how much room you might have for the number of roofing materials required for a new roof installation.

The delivery driver will place these shingles in the driveway unless you instruct your roofing contractor to place them in a different location. To ensure you are ready to receive delivery of the shingles, ask your roofing contractor when they will arrive. In most cases, the roofing company will not know exactly when the material will arrive, possibly only the day of arrival. Armed with this knowledge, you can move cars to ensure the delivery does not inconvenience anyone in your household.

2. Will You Be Covering My Flowers or Shrubbery?

Flowers and shrubbery can be damaged by falling debris during a new roof installation. Some roofing contractors cover plants to protect them, but others prefer to let homeowners take protective action themselves, so it’s best to talk to your contractor to find out who will protect shrubs and flowerbeds.

At Legend Roofs, we always take care of this aspect and are happy to protect plants and shrubs from debris during a new roof installation. If you need extra care, please let your roofing representative know. Even with tarps and extra care, sometimes shrubbery gets damaged. Stay in constant communication with your contractor when they are in areas that may be of extra concern.

3. What is the Clean-Up Process?

The toughest part of installing a new roof is cleaning up leftover shingles, loose nails, and other debris associated with the new roof installation. Legend Roofs goes beyond installing your new roof to life expectancy standards; we also clean up your property before we leave, so you can enjoy your new roof without worrying about any mess left behind.

After the job, if you are unhappy with the clean-up, do not hesitate to ask the contractor to carry out a secondary sweep for nails. During any re-roofing project, there will be thousands of nails, and hundreds of square feet of roofing felt torn off your roof in preparation for the new roofing shingles. Every care possible is taken to clean up all roofing debris; however, sometimes, a few nails can get caught in the grass. It is always a good idea to mow your lawn before your new roof installation. Mowing your lawn will make it easier for the magnets that are used. Legend Roofs uses professional roofing grade magnets to drag the yard and pick up nails.

4. What is the Warranty?

New roofs are not cheap; that is why it is important to clarify what the warranty covers before your installation. It is essential to understand the terms of the warranty that comes with your new roof. It would help if you asked whether you or the contractor is responsible for registering the warranty.

Legend Roofs wants to make the process as simple and convenient as possible. Owens Corning roofing materials are the first choice for your new roof with Legend Roofs. The warranty will normally be registered by the roofing company and once the roofing project is complete your warranty will be uploaded to your SSA client portal that is provided to you by Legend Roofs. Since your new shingle warranty will be in your Roofing CRM program SSA, you will have access to it along with all other roofing information from pre-job pictures, contract, insurance scope of loss, and any other paperwork forever. SSA is your Legend Roofs cloud-based CRM, Customer Relationship Management program that stores all your information and can be accessed from any device at any time.

New Roof Installation: Pre-Work Checklist

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Before your new roof installation starts, there are a few things you can do to minimize disruption during the process. Here’s a pre-work checklist for preparing your home for a roofing project.

1. Protect Your Pets

If you are having new roofing installed on your home, it is a good idea to ask your contractor if pets need to be moved out of the house. Pets like to play in the attic and could get in the way or become injured by falling debris. In addition, it is loud when installing a new roof, if your pet is super sensitive, you may even want to board your pet and prioritize its comfort and safety.

2. Protect Your Property

When your home’s roof needs replacement, it’s essential to take precautions against potential damage during the installation process. Protecting your home during a new roof installation is easy if you follow these simple steps:

  • Move or cover valuable items in the garden, such as statues and planters, so they are not damaged during the installation.
  • Move items off outer walls and interior shelves, and remove pictures from the walls, as vibrations from roofing crews walking on the roof, nailing of the shingles, and laying the bundles of roofing shingles on the roof’s deck and ridge can cause them to fall and break.

3. Manage Gates

Your roof contractor might need you to leave gates open so they can access the property. Alternatively, you can ask them to keep gates closed to protect pets or kids. Be sure to discuss your preferences for gates on your property before the work starts.

4. Make Special Requests

Your roof contractors will arrive at your home and install your roofing in accordance with the guidelines that follow. If you have any special requests for your roofing contractors, let the team manager know about them in advance. If your house has a septic tank or special care around the swimming pool, be sure to let the team manager know where it is located and anything else that could affect his team while they work.

5. Cover Valuables in the Attic

Legend roofing has the best roofing practices in the industry. One of these is removing all old felt and shucking all nails from the roof deck during the new roof installation.  It is an extra step, but Legend Roofs consider it is the best way to prepare a roof for the type of shingles properly you will choose. While it’s best to do, it can cause debris to fall through cracks in the decking into the attic, which requires a laborious attic clean-up after the new roof installation. The old felt is most likely asphalt-based and will tear into tiny chips and fall between the decking and other holes during the roof installation. The best way to protect your valuables from debris and dust is to cover everything with tarps, plastic or move it away from where work is being done.

6. Rare and Unexpected Things but Possible

In rare cases, water lines, A/C lines, and electric lines may be hit by a nail penetrating the roof’s deck. This should never happen if the water, A/C, and electric lines are installed to code. All these lines should be strapped down to the rafters or other flooring joists. There is no way to know before the roof installation if this could happen, and even if the attic was inspected, there still might not be any way to see this. In many cases, the lines when hit are at the very eve of the house and just can’t be seen. Be sure to tell your roofer if you have any of these lines on your home so that they can take the necessary precautions.

Post-Work Checklist

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On the final day of the roof installation, it is helpful for you to know what to expect. Here are a few things you need to do to help your roof contractor finish the job as quickly as possible and get you on the road to enjoying your new roof.

1. Be Present for the Final Walk-Through

A new roof installation can be a large, expensive investment. Now that the work is complete don’t miss out on the chance to ensure 100% satisfaction by talking through your new roof with us at a final walk-through. Our highly trained representatives will take this opportunity to explain things to you like the thermal seal and why your shingles may be raised slightly in your valleys and around your chimney. It is important to know a few things about your new roof. The more you know about the roof installation process and wrap-up, the happier you will be with your new roof.

2. Settle the Account

Our team will be doing a walk-around to ensure you are satisfied with our roof installation. Your roof installation is considered complete and when the entire job is finished to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the roofing completion, please call your company representative and a company representative will attend to your needs.

Your company representative after the walk around will go over the roofing completion certificate and collect the first check or ACV amount, actual cash value. The RD recoverable depreciation check will come after the roofing company sends in the final invoice to your insurance company. Normally the RD check will come to you within ten days to three weeks depending on how busy they are and how many wind and hail storms there have been in your region.

3. Don’t Move Leftover Material

Legend Roofs over-orders so that it has enough of the right materials to finish any job and avoid the materials run out unexpectedly. Depending on the distance of your home’s location from the roofing material distributor, your roofer may order several bundles to several squares of extra shingles to avoid disruption of the installation process due to lack of material. Within three business days of completing the roof installation, All Out Roofing will pick up the leftover materials.

4. Receive Your Warranty

After receipt of the final check for the roofing project, your roofing warranty from Owens Corning along with your Legend Roofs workmanship warranty will be added to your SSA client portal. You may access your Legend Roofs provided SSA client portal forever. If you ever have questions, please call anytime but you can always Google Legend Roofs and there is a link to your SSA client portal at the top of the Legend Roofs website.

Before, during, and after your new roof installation, you can always use your SSA Client Portal to stay up to date on the project. View your insurance and roofing files by logging into the portal and clicking on ROOF. Your SSA client portal will contain all information about your roofing project, per job pictures, insurance scope of loss, and warranty information. The SSA client portal has a wealth of information for you.

Thinking of New Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement?

New roof installation is an exciting time, but it can also seem overwhelming to a homeowner. The new roof installation process is not always as straightforward as one might imagine, so it is important that you are prepared.

Hopefully, these tips and checklists help you to feel more familiar with the new roof installation process so you can feel more comfortable working with professionals and making decisions along the way. If you still have questions, get in touch with Legend Roofs. Our customer service representatives will be very happy to address your concerns and answer your questions about new roof installation.

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